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Penny LeLeux

Practitioner/Level 1 Instructor



Texas, 77630
United States

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[email protected]



I discovered Quantum-Touch in February 2009. It was fascinating to see all the different situations Quantum-Touch improved. Some things were almost instantaneous, while others took a little time.

My own health has improved tremendously while working on others. In me, Quantum-Touch has healed tendonitis in both my ankles, relieved knee pain, arthritis in both hips and lower back pain caused by a fall 35 years ago. Climbing stairs is easier and I don’t get as winded, plus I am off blood pressure medicine. 

I became a practitioner in November 2009. Quantum-Touch continually blows my mind with amazing results. In others I have witnessed bones healing faster; quicker recovery from surgery with less pain; and repaired bulging discs. I’ve have seen a skin graft turn black and fall off because the skin healed underneath it. This is just a few of the incredible things I have witnessed

I became an instructor in January of 2012 to teach others this extraordinary, easy method of healing the body. My goal is to spread knowledge of Quantum Touch to the general population showing there are healthy noninvasive alternatives to many health issues.

Contact me for a class or to schedule a healing session.