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Kathy Corcoran


P.O. Box 13127 Lahaina Maui
Hawaii, 96761
United States

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808 661 1852


[email protected]


Like many other Quantum-Touch® practitioners I, too, have a history of holistic practices and habits.  In the seventies I became a vegetarian, learned the Transcendental Meditation program and started practicing hatha yoga; in the eighties, I began using ayurvedic doctors and, more recently, traditional Chinese medicine.  After moving to Hawai’i in 1995, I have had the great privilege of serving as the supplements/wellness manager at two west Maui vegetarian health foods stores.

            In 2002, after having lapsed (auwe!) in some of my healthful habits, I learned Quantum-Touch® at one of Richard Gordon’s workshops in Honolulu.  Since then, I have hosted many Basic Quantum-Touch® video workshops, both in my home and at the Lahaina’s Kaunoa West Maui Senior Center.  I love how it works, and how anybody can learn to do it! 

            I truly believe in perfect health, and offer as my motto a quote from Paracelsus:  “to label any disease or condition ‘incurable’ is a blasphemy against both God and nature.”  As I now begin my formal practice as a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner, I look forward to demonstrating the healing power of life force energy to my many friends in Lahaina and West Maui, assisting in their healing processes, and to participating more fully in the greater Quantum-Touch community of love and healing.

updated Sep 2018

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