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Kim Luchau


PO Box 967, Kilauea, Kauai Hawaii, 96754
United States

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[email protected]

LANGUAGE:  English 

Certified QT Level 1 & Level 2 Instructor / Practitioner, Level 1 


Mentor, Certified Self-Created Health Instructor




Kim’s style is sensitive, gentle and loving. She sees the applications of Quantum-Touch as broad as our creativity.  So whether working with private clients, or students, she continuously aims to encourage and inspire people to grow, expand and love. Classes are both dynamic and meditative.  In her private practice she combines Quantum-Touch with her 27 years experience in craniosacral therapy.   Although she works with all ages, her specialty is working with newborns.  Kim regularly uses Quantum-Touch at births and to assist newborns shortly after birth.  She would like to see every family practicing Quantum-Touch and sees this tool could be an enormous gift in every family. What more perfect way than to learn how to raise our resonance and use love as medicine!



"Kim teaches Quantum-Touch with an extreme amount of love and dedication in communion with a strong place of grounded focus. Her teaching style is accessible, as she brings experience with practical application, and she encourages learning on a deep level. Additionally, the quality and beauty of her class environment added to my experience as a student. Quantum-Touch is already positively impacting my life! It is a profound tool that will utilize daily. I am 'myself' like never before -- I feel infused with an unending source of love that is always at my fingertips! :)" -- MO, Hawaii, USA    

“Kim makes learning easy and enjoyable.  She creates a warmth and care that emanates into the room creating an open atmosphere for learning.  Instruction and clarification with examples are great, straight forward, yet fun.” – LL, Hawaii, USA

“Kim’s gentle guidance led me to very profound places of healing and empowerment within me.” – JL, Hawaii, USA

“Kim is deeply intuitive, good hearted and very experienced in working with people. Her class was wonderful and powerful. I feel inspired to help others heal.” — SF, Seattle, USA

 “I took two classes with Kim.  She was excellent.  The second time went even deeper. I think Kim is so fine at teaching. It is very helpful that she can see energy and give excellent feedback to people. She is very very creative.” – AV, Baltimore, USA

“Kim has a very relaxed and calming presence that influences the group dynamic in a very positive way.” – YN, Switzerland

“Kim’s thoroughness and kindness made the learning fun and easy as well as informative.  I appreciate her depth of knowledge and experience.  So inspiring the way she can attend to group and to individuals throughout the session.” – CB, Denver, USA 

Feedback from long distance healing sessions....

"Your love was beautifully sent, felt and appreciated. You are very talented and a wonderful healer. You are the verb which is all of our goals when we really become that which we do...not a healer but the healing. Your ability to be a bridge is enormous and of great benefit to this world.  Thank you for all you are, all you are becoming and all that you share." -- SW, USA


Private sessions, classes and long distance treatments and healing circles available.  

Open to class requests....contact Kim to arrange a class.