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Katia Borgato


Rubano, Padova

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+39 347 136 6485


[email protected]

Born in Padova (near Venice) in 1973, she completed a formal education in administration and economics. In 2000 a deep spiritual transformation began taking place in her. Thanks to meaningful events in her life and wonderful people she happened to meet at that time, she became interested in complementary and alternative medicine. In Quantum-Touch she found a wonderful and efficient method to care for herself and for others.


Nata a  Padova  nel  1973  ha completato studi  ad indirizzo economico-amministrativo. Nel 2000 eventi significativi e la vicinanza di  alcune persone  di straordinaria  sensibilita’ hanno determinato in lei  una profonda  trasformazione spirituale  e  l’hanno avvicinata a tecniche di guarigione alternative. Nel Quantum-Touch ha trovato un magnifico ed efficace  metodo per prendersi cura di se stessa e degli altri.



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