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Lesley Bongiovanni (Dip MT, QTP)


Quantum Health Massage

16b Norfolk Street Tamatea, Napier
Hawke's Bay, 4112
New Zealand

Contact Information


06 8448775

Alt. Phone:

027 6071353


[email protected]



I am a Massage Therapist with almost 20 years experience and have been practising Quantum-Touch in my massage clinic with extremely effective results ever since attending the first Basic Workshop to be held in Auckland NZ in April 2004. 

I subsequently attended the first QT World Conference at Lake Tahoe California in May 2007, and the Core Transformation I workshop with Alain and Jody Herriott at Reno, the same year.

In the 15 years of practising Quantum-Touch, I have never known it to fail to level a pelvis, which may be out of alignment by as much as an inch and a half to two inches, and always without exception, it reduces or alleviates muscle tension,  allowing me to work deeper into the muscle tissue without the pain and discomfort often associated with deep tissue therapy.

It is a very gentle, non-invasive and deeply relaxing technique which has greatly added to my knowledge, skill and enjoyment of working as a Massage Therapist.

Sometimes Energy Healing can work at a greater depth than massage, especially if the client is injured. Because energy healing uses a light touch, it can also be applied where massage may be contraindicated. Quantum-Touch Energy Healing  also increases the therapeutic work of the massage, allowing the client to go into deeper states of relaxation and connection.

For client testimonials, please click on my website above.

I am also available for Quantum-Touch Weekend Video Workshops. To register your interest, please email me at [email protected]

I also have a deep interest in vibrational sound healing, and have created two CDs of Piano Music for Healing and Quiet Reflection. Each track has been created from a meditational space in a moment of time. For more information on "Walking the Inner Spaces" and "Between Worlds" or to order these CDs,  please click on my website www.natpages.co.nz/therapist/3043


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