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Suresh Harvu

Quantum Touch Practictioner



232 Ambiance Blvd Freehold
New Jersey, 07728
United States

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[email protected]

Suresh Harvu has been in the Energy healing in one way or another over thelast 35 years. 

Quantum Touch has been a boon for so many individuals who have had issues ranging from simple headache, sprained back, sprained ankles,  nerve pinch to more involved issues like chest congestions, bronchitis and emotional issues as well.  Marked improvements have been experienced in just a couple of sessions using QT techniques of Super Charging and Core Transformation. Suresh is very passionate and excited about the prospect that QT and all forms of Energy Healing would be widely known in years to come providing hope and relief to countless people who go through the pains and suffer when the remedy is right in between the palms of the hands.

Suresh has been involved with Homeopathy that basically takes the eseence or energy of the base remedy for treating ailments of body and mind. His clients have ranged from new borns to 80 plus year olds and have immensely benefitted from the wonders of Energy.