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Lorrain Powell


The Healer's Garden

Arizona, 85234
United States

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The Healer's Garden

Nature’s Way to Heal the Body, Mind & Soul


I was born and raised in Arizona but was able to spend my summers in the Berkshire mountains in Massachusetts enjoying the wonders of nature.  This experience influenced me to learn natural methods of healing.  I enjoy teaching classes to those wishing to empower themselves with knowledge of becoming self-reliant in all aspects of life. 

Studying alternative medicine is something I do regularly. I have struggled with many illnesses that I have had to learn how to treat on my own. I share what I learn with others and help them learn to use Nature in helping with health challenges.  I am a Certified Quantum Touch Instructor and Practitioner.  My practice also includes being a Certified SimplyHealed practitioner a Certified Aromatherapist and I teach classes on Aromatherapy and healthy living, am certified in Aromatic Integrative Renewal emotional release technique and Chakra Balancing, Aromatic Acupuncture  as well as having 35 years of study and hands-on therapy in many modalities in the alternative medicine field.  I have a Reiki Level One attunement and have studied in depth and taken classes in Self-Created Health for emotional release, Structural Genetics, Life Skills, Tapas Acupressure Technique, Bach Flower Remedies, nutritional healing, herbal healing and natural health remedies.

I feel we need a compilation of healing methods to help us feel our healthiest.  Energy healing has always been one that has helped me the most physically, mentally and emotionally.  I am thrilled to be part of Quantum-Touch!  Using this method of energy therapy has helped my health tremendously as well as those I have worked with.  Releasing emotions buried deep inside our memories is another healing modality.  It is believed that approximately 85% of illness and pain has an emotional basis.  As I facilitate and teach others to rid their memories of these unhealthy emotions, I am able to see pain relief, happiness, and light return to their lives.  Using Quantum-Touch, along with various emotional release techniques, truly helps the process move along faster and more thoroughly.


"   I recently took my final Level 1 workshop with Lorrain in Gilbert AZ. My experience exceeded that of previous experiences. Her teaching style is such that she allows her knowledge and expertise of Quantum-Touch to have her students, through resonance and entrainment to raise their energetic level to match hers.
   She is a stickler on detail and keeps to the subject matter. I appreciate her keeping to the subject matter and because of my experience with her I am fully confident to enter the mentorship program for my last step in being an instructor.
   As a side note, she has a lovely house, provides wonderful snacks, and part of the time the weather permitted us working outside."

Gene Skaggs
Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner
PSYCH-K facilitator
Teacher of A COURSE IN MIRACLES and have written four books on the subject
Author of Anderson Speaks and Anderson Speaks Again

"I have taken this class four times.  Lorrain is truly a professional and focuses on Quantum-Touch!"

"I feel I learned and practiced real life skills on energy healing, using wonderful techniques that made sense."

"Lorrain made the workshop fun and easy.  It was enjoyable and I would suggest her workshop to everyone interested in Quantum-Touch!"

"Lorrain is very meticulous, knowledgeable and easy going at the same time.  Her concise work booklet was very helpful as a textbook and easy to follow.  She flowed from one subject to another and made it all fit together with frequent reviews - so we wouldn't forget!  Awesome!"

"I would recommend Lorrain.  She is very knowledgeable and connects well with everyone. "

"Understanding what energy is and how to feel it has opened my eyes to knowing all that is around me has energy and we thrive with each other.  Lorrain had a beautiful way of teaching so you feel confident in how to tune in to these energies.  I loved her class and am excited to continue to feel the energy in all things."

"Lorrain is an amazing teacher and Energy Healer. I have enjoyed her sessions and classes and learned I can move forward to improve my skills.  Lorrain has inspired me." 

"You are a great teacher."

"Lorrain!  Thank you very much for your help.  I love your magic energy in your hands!"

"Lorrain I don't completely understand how this works but IT DOES WORK!!!  Thank you so much!  Nine months of pain, misery and a lot of Dr. visits without relief - one visit with you and I felt so much better it was like getting my life back!!!" 

"I have been very pleased with results from Quantum Touch!  It's easy for me to recommend Lorrain to friends and family." 

 "Lorrain explains things well.  It is enjoyable, comfortable and relaxing.  This is a great place to start learning how to use energy to help self and others."

"Lorrain's class gave me focus and means to work on myself and others in an uplifting, emotionally healing manner." 

"It's a new way of looking at things.  Made me aware of things I didn't realize were there.   Hopefully I can help others now."

"I was a skeptic when we began the class, but in the last session I really felt the energy - both giving and receiving.  I am excited to work on my family now."

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