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Jodie Cruz

Quantum Touch Practitioner


EnergyFlow Healing

Kailua Oahu
Hawaii, 96734
United States

Contact Information


1 808 226 6773


[email protected]



Highly intuitive and results-driven, Jodie Cruz is an accredited Quantum Touch practitioner who possesses the fundamental holistic energy healing expertise and passion necessary to help both people and animals live the prospering lives they deserve. Featuring over a decade of collective experience, Jodie has an extensive history involving the intricacies of high-performing energy healing and enjoys every moment of utilizing the collective power of frequency and consciousness to deliver new levels of physical, emotional, and spiritual balancing to every 2- or 4-legged client she serves.

Native to Australia, Jodie has always been a strong believer that everything is made up of a harmonious structure of energy and every living being on earth is innately connected to nature in their own authentic way. With this as her base, it became the catalyst for Jodie to begin Quantum Touch practices while performing as a zookeeper with Australian wildlife, later extending her service to people. Fast forward to today, Jodie has supported countless people and animals on effectively breaking past their energetic densities, enabling them to obtain untapped healing potential, discover their inner truths, and cultivate newfound happiness.

As a warm-hearted professional fueled by helping all species, nothing makes Jodie happier than supporting others on transfiguring into the best version of themselves. She has a genuine passion for what she does and demonstrates that by creating her healing services within a safe, secure, and trusted environment that allows her clientele to peacefully unlock permanent healing results. In the end, you already have the internal power to realign and rediscover your own energies and the energies around you, and Jodie is here to help you recognize that so you can successfully manifest into your highest vibrational, connective selves.