Suzie Bonner

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Almere, Flevoland, 1353 NH, Netherlands

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Initially from a background of teaching, a number of years ago I became interested in spirtualism and healing. Most of my students had been adults, and in one-to-one classes, personal information is often shared. As a result of meeting so many people with predicaments of one kind or another, a strong desire to help people overcome their difficulties developed within me.  

At the beginning of the new millenium, I studied to become a therapist and healer. I followed courses and attended workshops in which I learnt therapy techniques and healing practices from around the world. Apart from learning and applying techniques such as NLP and regression therapy, tuning into and working with the energy forces within us and around us played an important role.

Putting everything into practice in therapy sessions and Dreamtime Healing 
Concerts (concerts with indigenous percussion instruments that take the 
participant on a unique spiritual journey) has been invigorating both for me and 
for my clients.

Several years ago, I came across Quantum-Touch for the first time. The name
alone intrigued me and and the explanation of how it works even more so. Having scoliosis myself, I was able to experience its effect immediately, and feeling the benefits, I was eager to apply it to others. After three Quantum-Touch workshops (with Yolande van Rosmalen and Linda Menkhorst) and many hours of practice, I am now happy and proud to be a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner.