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Welcome... artists; teachers, musicians, dancers and yes, writers! 

Bienvenue aux artistes: musiciens, danseurs, guérisseurs et oui écrivains !

"Si vous avez des questions ou souhaitez plus de détails, veuillez s'il-vous-plaît me contacter.. Je me ferai un plaisir de vous répondre, en anglais ou en français, selon votre convenance".

Whether you have a physical injury, performance anxiety, stress, or looking forward to creating a shift in your life; your idea is something that could be a great possibility for you to experience here, within a holistic approach. I guide people, especially artists and healers in transition (spiritually and physically) to go from where they are, toward where they wish to be. It is a fusion of physicality, energetic quantum awareness AND action. What is blocking you from your next step, preventing you from reaching your potential? There is tremendous personal power available to everyone at every level, every age and every stage. Do you allow past history to judge your abilities in the present and future? Go ahead; ask yourself.

Do you feel that it may be a good fit to work together? The approach I share stems from professional training regarding various healing modalities, the dance/music background and long-term experience within my own personal healing and ongoing transformation; it is all used as a catalyst, within a holistic approach towards complimentary healthcare. This platform allows for self-authority and for individuals to transform their blocks / their pain (physical /energetic) or, to  simply have a higher quality of life. Clients experience new self-perception, well-being and balance. Some results are immediate and some goals are guided, more long-term. The following opportunities to explore together are used within an approach of grace, neutrality and non-judgement. Here is being who I have grown into one day at a time:

Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner  (2011-Level I and 2013-Level II); As this powerful method of natural healing is created by Richard Gordon. This approach uses life-force energy (Prana, chi,...) and breath patterns also at various levels and intentions to create shifts and facilitate the self-healing process. Its application uses light touch and even no touch as appropriate to each experience. It can also be understood as non-imposing and very empowering. The results are vast and all-encompassing. My original drive was to learn, practice and share this training as it became possible during a quest to experience Quantum Touch to balance my energy as I worked with so many people and often became drained energetically from overextending myself. I am so grateful for my teacher, Lilly's concise, ever-present dedication to her students' getting their cup filled with this knowledge and sharing. My massage practice is even more balanced and insightful then ever. My physicality is at new heights because of it. Distance healing has thus also become a treasured reality that enables me to compound my ability to serve and impact others even more.

Certified Practitioner in Quantum Energy TransformationTM and Certified Age ClearingTM Practitioner  (since 2012); This is a process created by Joshua Bloom / QET Master Coach Trainer. The experience allows an individual to energetically and therefore physically shift. It engages the breath and encourages awareness of the body at various levels. This approach is omitting the therapy model and engaging the Quantum energy field. Possibilities for results are endless. My original attraction was to the undeniable correlation to breath that coincides with my knowledge receiving vocal training as a classical voice student in college, including continuing training in the present. My motivation has been to renegotiate chronic asthma conditions and get back in the driver's seat of life. At the time, I was not able to sit very long to endure a class. I used this training to develop my spiritual, energetic and physical endurance.

Thai-Yoga Massage Practitioner (since 2007) and Teacher (since 2009); My training was birthed and cultivated through the teachings and philosophy of Kam Thye Chow, founder of Lotus Palm in Canada (presently owned by Sukha Wong, long-time student and collaborator). This massage modality is a relatively complete and effective massage performed on a mat, or table with relaxed clothing. In Canada, this massage experience has been articulated for western society needs and lifestyle.The client receives yoga-based movements applied by the practitioner in a comfortable, appropriate level for the physical, mental and spiritual constitution of the client. This also encompasses energy lines, specific energy points, joint health and firm, dynamic muscular presence... comprising also; Shiatsu-like movements, generous in reflexology,...The benefits are numerous for all ages and body types... My original intention was to massage my parents (and family) as they move forward in age. And so it is!

Certified Pilates Instructor (Private and Group) since 2004: Pilates is a core strengthening training created by Joseph Pilates in the 1900's that was initially used to rehabilitate injured ballet dancers. Today, it is used in many avenues to strengthen core abdominal muscles, stabilize the upper back region, re-balance the body's general flexibility level in a natural manner. Breath is key and is the foundation within the foundation. Today, this physical conditioning is popularized very much in society and is often confused with yoga. Both Yoga and Pilates are excellent resources that serve best depending on what goals they are intended towards. It is individual. My original intention was to rehabilitate my back after years of accidents, injuries and chronic pain. My goal was to have a pain-free life and be able to practice dance again.

 *** Please note that any and all of the above-mentioned processes and trainings are not a substitute for any medical treatment, nor prescribed medications. Clients are guided to remain mindful and attentive to the advice of their medical specialist or, family doctor and medical prescriptions to date.***

Thank-you for your interest in yourself and being in action towards understanding that your body is your first instrument! Let your heart sing through your heart's integrity - with yourself! The world is waiting for you!

Many blessings,

Anna-Maria Marta


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