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Vishali Shahin


United States

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Sedona Healing Journey

The Healing Power of Love


I was a Registered Nurse for many years working in a large medical center here in the United States, but it was my time spent as a nurse in India that opened my eyes to other healing possibilities.
In India I worked in a clinic that offered allopathic medicine plus a host of alternative options. It was there that I experienced my first miraculous healing when I was treated with energy medicine. 
Once I came back home I studied various healing modalities, and felt pulled to focus on Quantum Touch. It is my joy to help people be relieved of pain and get back into balance. The beauty of Quantum Touch is that it can be done long distance. Some of my most effective sessions have been long distance sessions.
In addition to Quantum Touch, and a certified Hypnotherapist and, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is very effective in changing limiting beliefs that keep us stuck.  I also teach meditation and am a spiritual counselor. It is through energy healing and spiritual awareness that I help people direct their attention to who we really are. 


I lovingly and enthusiastically invite you to join me in any of my services that fit for you!


"After 2 months of doing double duty because of my casted left leg, my right knee started to be painful and refuse to allow me to sit cross-legged for meditation; after one session with Vishali the knee returned to normal."  Amazing! D.M.


"I had a history of a hernia in my right groin.  I did not want to have surgery. My wife was pushing me for surgery and I was getting concerned. Vishali worked on me (long distance) after the first session the hernia retreated in, but not all the way.  After the second session the hernia went back in and it has stayed in. Its been a year now and counting." C.S.


"After 1 session my feet are still pain free! (client had neuropathy)  I still have some numbness, but no pain!!! Thank you soooo much" C.C.


"It was truly wonderful. Even though I was trying to relax, my mind was going a mile a minute with all the things from the day, stuff I had to do, etc. Then all of a sudden, when she was doing the healing it was like a wave came in from the ocean and washed away all anxiety. I left feeling really calm and peaceful. It is still in effect. WOW--I am a believer!" C.B.

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