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Marieke Leliveld

Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Energy Intuitive, Quantum Alchemist


Conscious Quantum Energy Healing Services

Downtown Vancouver & Sunshine Coast Vancouver
British Columbia, V6E 1K2

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+1 604-441-4534


[email protected]



Thank you for your interest in energy healing. It is a pleasure to connect with you.

To schedule a free phonecall or to book your session please send an email to [email protected]



Quantum-Touch sessions, combined with intuitive energy healing, Reiki, Sollfeggio frequencies & Spirit

Distance Energy Healing sessions

Online Quantum Journeys via Zoom

ICU classes for children between 5 and 12 years of age - Inspiring Children Universally

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Love & Light Marieke Leliveld Energy Intuitive, Quantum-Touch practitioner, Reiki practitioner, Alchemist, Shamanic Conduit, Spiritual Teacher, ICU Teacher for children


Marieke has been blessed to have been able to continuously awaken her childhood  gifts of high sensitivity, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, channeling and other gifts into her adulthood. By combining her gifts, training and experience Marieke is able to facilitate profound healing for people and animals who connect with her often in remarkable ways. She finds great joy in supporting people in re-aligning with their health and re-awakening their gifts from within.

Her specialization lies in Quantum healing, animal energy healing, well-being and the soul connection we have with animals, the Earth elements and Spirit. Communicating energetically with nature and all life forms has come natural and intuitive since birth. The strong and beautiful spirits of horses, dogs, birds and many other animal species have been and continue to be unconditional guides in very important stages of her life.

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Marieke Is Truly Gifted!
I love Marieke! I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the amount of support, love and healing she has offered through her services. She is extremely knowledgeable and makes time when needed. I am so grateful to have found her through the divine. On a more detailed note: Marieke is by far one of the best healer, energy worker and intuitive coach I have come across. She is also an amazing animal communicator and healer that makes her a true gem. Her ability to tune in to the energy and heal it from the root is just so divine and powerful. have done regular sessions with her for the past couple of months and I truly feel a difference energetically. Thank you Marieke


ON Canada


Marieke is a magnificent Quantum Healer and Elemental Alchemist who helped me recalibrate and reset my body and energy fields in such a grounded and magical way that I was in complete awe throughout the experience. With her help I went back to the roots of this incarnation and I re-established a strong connection to the elements available here on Terra and within All That Is.

I cannot express my gratitude enough for this healing experience.

This wasn’t a one-way channeled consult, but a balanced interaction where we both went deep into what I needed to heal, change and transmute.

Thank you, thank you, thank you dearest Marieke for your magnificent skills, your energy, the magical space you held for me and your infinite love and care. Thank you for being here, doing the work that you do.

The personalized energy healing sessions that Marieke is offering are so unique and so incredibly restorative.

Aura Youniverse



What Marieke has done for my dog Molly is hard to put into words. Marieke truly has a gift! She has helped Molly to become more relaxed, more trusting. She is calmer more affectionate and overall happier.
Molly doesn’t really allow people to touch her she will always move away. She did allow Marieke to touch and work with and the bond between the two of them grows each time. It’s magical to watch my nervous dog almost fall asleep and fully leaning into the healing touch and loving energy Marieke brings to her. I’m so glad we found Marieke and we are full of gratitude for her.

Kathy Stilwell

Vancouver, BC Canada


The amazing Miss Marieke Leliveld. This woman has helped me to walk, I had a bone spur on a my foot where I had shattered the tib and fib years ago. I was unable to go for a walk, even cleaning the house was painful. The Dr. wanted to do surgery. Our paths crossed we did some healing exchanges and I was out hiking again. She does a tune up now and again, but I’m all good!

Dana Bosch

North Vancouver, BC Canada


Marieke is an amazingly talented and gifted healer for both people and animals. Her connection with animals is absolutely incredible! She has done energy work, crystal therapy and animal communication for my dog. Her work has helped to stabilize and calm my dog and it is absolutely fantastic to see how quickly it works.
Marieke has also treated someone dear to me via distance energy healing, and this made such a wonderful impact in this person’s rejuvenation. I too have also received the deep grounding and “light” that Marieke provides. I felt amazing after one session and her kind, caring and calm nature makes me feel like I am better equipped to take on the day!

Carolyn Laporte

Vancouver, BC & Ontario, ON Canada

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