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Jane Mayne



Leicestershire, LE10 0HR
United Kingdom

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If you've tried everything and are looking for a different approach to health and wellness ,then i may be able to help.Based Hinckley, private home visits by request, Remote sessions also available by WhatsApp and FaceTime .

After studying many healing and wellness modalities over 25 years ,Quantum touch and Self Created health are the icing on the cake ,and very powerful additions to my energy resonanace practice.

I am  spiritual healer,intuitive and life coach.I've also studied Clairaudience,Clairsentinence and clairvoyance.

Every Quantum Touch session is different and tailored to the client for maximum effect .A huge side benefit of this work is stress release and relaxation,regardless of the problem. 

If you've been struggling with the same thing ,illness,problem,pain........ Lets make a change.

what you've done so far.... has got you to where you are now....and if thats not where you want to be ,then lets try Quantum?.........All you have to lose is the problem........

Take a look at Sharon and Kev's testamonials.....


I have had a problem with my knees for years in the form of grinding.

i went for my first Quantum Touch therapy with Jane a few weeks ago and was amazed that i could feel my body moving,which was actually my spine realigning! I have not had any problems with my knees since.i also noticed that i didn't have any back pain at all after a day of heavy digging in the garden.

I felt a lot more supple and Jane has actually resolved a recent muscular problem with my arm.

Jane has always been very professionaland the energy work has been very useful to me both physically and emotionally.I would highly recommend her.

Sharon Wilkes                    



I have been suffering with a shoulder problem for over 20 years due to what i believed was a car crash, causing damage to my C3.I have been managing it with physiotherapy,but this only treated the symptoms ,not the cause.

I decided to try Quantum treatment and was pleasantly surprised after 3 sessions how the discomfort and side affects subsided.

During the treatment i could feel changes which are hard to describe,but was not unpleasant.but more a feeling of warmth and being energised.

Touch wood ,the problem with my shoulder has not returned.But i know where i'll be going to top up the treatment if required.

Thanks Jane Great job :-)



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website ; quantumvision.co.uk


 To your wellness :))