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Debbie Giles



Debbie Giles

London, N8 7QL
United Kingdom

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[email protected]



I have a natural intuition and spiritual awareness that has instilled a confident and positive drive for life. I trust completely in alternative therapies from Kinesiology to Shiatsu and of course, Quantum Touch. I do have a strong intuition and connection to source, that I trust in fully. 

I have never been so complete, happy, stress-free, and at one with myself. Of course, I still have off days, I am human after all, but they are never really with me for very long anymore. Peacefulness and joyfulness are simply a way of life since my Quantum Touch teachings and practice. Quantum Touch is also a lifestyle and has allowed me to be able to encompass all I have ever learned in my lives journey.

I have seen shifts in the lives of people I have treated which makes me feel equally happy and humbled. As my clients become more aware and accepting of their power to heal in the easiest and simplest of ways, this very awareness creates a feel good factor within them which is simply a joy to see.

I have practiced Qi Gong for over 14 years, I have participated in varied energy healing modalities for several years, and feel that QT is truly the way forward in energy healing work. It would be my pleasure to hold a space of high vibrational energy for you in order for your body to do what it innately knows and that is to simply be the best it can be, return to divine form.


For more information please see website, thank you.

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