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Tam Cheng Man, Stella


No.7, Patio Da Se, Edf. Peng On, 1-Fl Blo-1, Macau Macau
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Hi, my name is Tam Cheng Man, Stella. After completed my studies, I had been worked in the bank for about thirty years. Few years ago, I had quitted my stressful job and been starting my simple life as a product distributor of market hong kong. The year 2015 was my happiest. It had given me the chance to know and learn quantum touch which really helped and brightened my days.


Last two years, I had some physical problems particularly weakness in the digestive system, I had to take medicine everyday, but since doing quantum touch, my body or health began to have a good change. I recognized that the time when I helped others doing quantum touch, running energy with my breathing technigues, it had also brought me vibration deep inside my body which given tremendous help to the digestive organs or system. Before, chinese herb or medicine had been required to improve digestion, but now, nothing was needed. So I'm very grateful for that and I have never thought that I could heal others including myself with such a powerful and effective way.


My aim in the future is to promote Quantum Touch to more and more people so as to brighten up their lives to make them feel happier and healthier. If anyone who has the interest to know or want to talk with me about quantum touch, don't hesitate, just write or call me.


Looking forward to seeing you soon... !

Love always, Stella



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