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Lorraine J. Van Hoesen

LMT FL, CMT VA, Health Coach & Essential Oils Coach QT Level 1, Holistic Health Sciences Bachelor's


Grand island
Florida, 32735
United States

Contact Information


[email protected]

Hello I am Lorraine a 2016 Quantum Touch Practitioner. I am also a licensed massage therapist in Florida and Virginia - living in Florida now.  A Certified Essential Oils Coach. & Certified Health Coach. I have a background in helping people since a young age, from being a volunteer at age 16 on an emergency squad, an EMT (age 18), EMT1, CPR instructor by age 19 and  then on to the Air Force Air National Guard to become a  Medic after returning from basic training and the school of Aerospace Medicine I continued as a volunteer on the emergency squad where I grew up in the Catskill Mnts. of Upstate NY - ski country, dairy country. I also became a respiratory therapy tech at my hometown community hospital.

I was always searching for what I did not know, but traditional medicine never really resonated with me. At 28 I was about to return to school for veternarian medicine but the universe had other plans, I was injured playing a sport and life took another turn 2 years 4 operations later on my kneecap. I went back to school for one year in between the 3rd and 4th operations so I would be employable.

Eventually a few years later I was in Virginia, working in the investment field, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Again, life took a turn - I was displaced from my job due to mergers - I returned to school again and said I was going back to health and wellness as this is who I am. I went to college for Massage Therapy.

I landed in Florida in 2012, in 2014 I came to  work at an addictions recovery center where our people live on site. The place was fairly new and they said they did not know what to do with me.  I said "let me do what I do, let me help in whatever way I can" I was told I generate this energy by my patients by other employees, so my search was on again...how can I make this work for my patients... for me. 

I found Quantum Touch and an amazing instructor in Ocala, FL.  I once again returned to school studying holistic health sciences, then in June of 2019 I completed my bachelor's degree in Holistic Health Sciences with Quantum University of Integrative Medicine.  I  will continue to evolve (I hope) and grow with Quantum Touch and am hoping to work with animals as well.  

I am now working independantly incorporating everything I have learned and continuing to learn. I live in the Eustis, Leesburg, Umatilla and The Villages area. I am very happy to be part of the Quantum Touch Community and hope to continue to grow. I can be contacted by email [email protected] at this time, please put in the Subject line what you may be interested in.  Be well, stay safe and love yourself and the planet. 

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