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Lisa Le Roy

Connections Practitioner - working to connect the mind, body, spirit and soul


Connections by Lisa

Lois Elisa. Thames & Kennet Marina, Henley Road Oxfordshire
Oxfordshire, RG4 6LQ
United Kingdom

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[email protected]



There is rarely a one way fits all kind of treatment so I use many of the tools in my tool box to steadily work through layers of problems that may have accumalated over days, months, years or even life times.

By listening to what your body wants, we are more likey to be able to restore balance to your system using gentle techniques.There is no forced or jarring movements and nothing to be fearful of. In fact, because your body has initialized that movement it will welcome the correction and respond accordingly.

Working in this way usually brings the emotions to the fore as memories tend to flood back as the body needs help to release. However if there is anything deeply traumatic, if the body isn't ready to release it then it won't. You will not be forced to address anything that you can't handle.Your body is your own safety mechanism.

Our body holds on to trauma, either emotional or physical, and if the emotion isn't dealt with at the time of the incident, which often it isn't, then this can cause all sorts of problems. Childhood trauma, trauma from accidents, loss of a loved one, abuse in any form, will all impact on our system and will present in many ways physically and / or emotionally - stress, anxiety, depression, dis-ease of the body or heart - cancer, Heart attacks, IBS, urinary infections, skin complaints and the list is endless.

Through the work of Quantum Touch and maybe a few other skills I can help you to explore the cause and help you and your body to release the trauma and return you to feeling freer in your body, improved movement, greater confidence and a deeper knowledge and love of self.

It is a beautiful relaxing treatment, while you are fully dressed and in a lovely state of relaxation.


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