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Joff Talbot


Lifewise Wellbeing Coaching

United Kingdom

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Quantum Touch works...and it can for you. To know we genuinely have the tools to help heal each other physically, emotionally and 'other' deserves enquiry. 

Feel free to get in contact if in need, just curious or even at that "I'll try anything" stage...that happens a lot. 

To give is to genuinely receive and what a way to give. 

Quantum Touch has been an important strand to why I created Lifewise Wellbeing Coaching.

We are more than we realise, far more and repeated personal experience proves this; let alone the many people I've worked with up to this point who have their own story of health and wellness to say.  

Be curious, be brave, dive in and feel the benefits of Quantum Touch. 

My name is Joff and I'm at your speedy healing service. 

W: www.lifewisecoaching.co.uk

Social media

  • Facebook: Joff Talbot (Wellbeing Coach)
  • Instagram: lifewise_wellbeing_coaching 
  • LinkedIn: Joff Talbot (Lifewise Wellbeing Coaching)
  • TIKTOK: Lifewise Wellbeing Coaching

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