Diane R Frazier

Quantum Touch Practitioner, Business Owner, Acupressure/Clinical cupping Therapist
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Ponca City, Oklahoma, 74604, United States

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Growing up a tomboy on a Midwest farm, I never could have imagined the Magic of the Universe at play in how a simple beautiful upbringing would shape my heart and mind for Energy Work. I remember vividly the light on the wheat fields, the trusted unspoken love between myself and my horse, the beauty in a farm sunset and the awe in a sunrise. I see now how those soft nudges of Earth energy built themselves as a sweet foundation to how I would understand and grow my abilities and hone them in energy work.


Hello, my name is Diane. 


I want to congratulate you on taking the first steps to improving your health!  You're here!!

The key to a life made better is You. Making the commitment to yourself will help improve your quality of life. Simple really!


 I am a Practitioner of Quantum Touch, an Aromatherapist, Angelic Healing Facilitator, Certified in THC/CBD consultant, Health and Wellness Coach, meditation Practitioner, Clinical cupping therapist,  and Reiki Master. I am a business owner and operator of two Salon and Spa, in two different states. 

 I work with the energy of your mind/body intelligence to facilitate in your healing process. Then I take this a step further, by "looking" and using my knowledge of Quantum Touch to "see" and "feel" what could be blocking your natural healing process. If your body is not healing, then why? What is creating this block that somehow has allowed us to be sick, depressed, hypersensitive? These questions are important in the healing process. 

Simply addressing the physical or emotional condition, then you are doing that much of western medicine does, which is to only address the symptoms, not the cause. 

As we are aware in western medicine, sometimes this works great, and other times it fails miserably. However, even if you address the symptom, if the underlying cause is still active, your body will continue to look for the ways to manifest this. 

Either in the same way, if the same physical condition persists, or in a new way if you managed to heal or mask the current physical condition

As a Practitioner I have been trained to work to facilitate removing those blocks. The importance of having the lymphatic system and meridians to flow in a healthier movement, allowing the body to maintain a healthy pattern  

Understanding that our creator designed us to heal ourselves by giving us the earthy resources to heal naturally.

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"Love, light and healing energy are a powerful thing when you allow it into your life." - Diane R. Frazier

Quantum Touch Practitioner 


    You are welcome to contact me by email @ [email protected] 

     Looking forward to hearing from you.