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Poon Wai Ling, Caron


Hong Kong

Contact Information


[email protected]

Being attentive and hearty to everyone, miracle comes out.  I experienced a lot of miracles from my recipient.  Quantum Touch is one of my useful and effective tools to heal someone in needed. 只要相信、只要有愛,一切便有可能!

I am :

Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner 註冊量子共振執業師

Certified NGH Hypnotist & Instructor 註冊NGH 催眠治療師及發証導師

Certified Drawing Psychology Analyst & Instructor 註冊繪畫心理分析師及導師

Certified Numerology Analyst 生命密碼數子分析師

Singing Bowl Healing Therapist 頌砵治療師

Tuning Fork Healing Therapist 音叉治療師

Expressive Art Therapy Facilitor 表達藝術療癒師

Dream Interpretor 夢境分析