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Tracy Hebert

Quantum Touch Practitioner



British Columbia, V5S 4N1

Contact Information




[email protected]



I started my journey in 1995, as a Reiki Practitioner upon returning from an amazing and life transformative trip to Australia and New Zealand. After working as a practitioner for many years, I was looking for the next step to expand healing for myself and my clients.

In 2015, I was introduced to Quantum-Touch and was immediately drawn to this modality as the next step on my healing journey. Using our life force energy to create self-healing is to me such an important and invaluable tool. Quantum-Touch brings forth personal empowerment and the possibility to transform our current physical and mental state to a new place. Our body has an innate desire to be in a state of bell-being. 

By accessing the Quantum field and keeping open with our curiosity to new possibilities is really quite magical and transformative. 

I look forward to assisting you in your next step.

**I am located on Vancouver Island for July - September 2022. Contact me for details.



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