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Andrea Mai

Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner


Pure Light Project

United States

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[email protected]



Hey there! My name is Andrea Mai, and I am a Certified Quantum-Touch Energy Healing Practitioner. I am also a teacher of meditation, mindfulness, and transformational journaling.  I’ve authored 8 books, workbooks, and guided journals on these subjects.

I discovered Quantum-Touch after suffering an injury that didn’t get better. After trying for two months my usual wellness methods like chiropractic, deep-tissue massage, and acupuncture, I was exhausted from the pain. At that point, I was pretty sure there was some emotional issue underlying the pain. I started reading about different healing methods and discovered Quantum-Touch. After playing around with it on my own, I decided to contact a local practitioner. I got massive relief almost immediately and knew I’d found something very valuable.

I’d always had an interest in energy healing. A friend who was practicing another energy healing method was able to put an end to old scar tissue that had developed many years after a hernia surgery. Since that time, I’d studied and read and questioned. Then came Quantum-Touch.

It has been a joy to help people with healing the various levels of pain, trauma, and emotional misalignment they suffer through Quantum-Touch and other modalities. 

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