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Melissa Elsie


Happy Humans by Melissa

Ontario, L3C6X1

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+1 09059418663


[email protected]



Hello & welcome to QuantumTouch. I am Melissa and I would love for you to drop me an email to say Hi, connect, and chat or ask questions about Energy Therapy.  I have worked professionally in the health & wellness field since 2002. The work I get to do with helping people heal and feel better is soul rewarding! I have always had a natural ability for healing, though growing up I did not understand what I was doing for people or what I was capable of. I came to have a knowing that certain people were drawn to me and I had a way of helping them feel better. As I developed skills and certifications in fitness training, nutrition & wellness, fascial stretch therapy, and life coaching, I learned that my natural ability was connected to energy, and that I was capable of anything I set my mind to! So naturally, I pursued all things Energy. Being a certified QuantumTouch Practitioner combined with my expertise in health & wellness allows me to share the experience of QuantumTouch energy healing  with you, along with my unique approach to integrative healing. 

I offer on-line, remote, and in-person sessions.

Contact me by email, phone, text message or by visiting my website.

Lotsa Love on your healing journey ❤