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Shelana Ridley

Quantum Touch practitioner, Craniosacral therapy and Intuitive guidance. Healing from the heart


Pure Essence Healing

Streatham Hill London
United Kingdom

Contact Information




[email protected]



My passion is helping people to free themselves! 

To be in your highest wellbeing and find your own passions, happiness and inner power.


*Quantum touch

*Craniosacral therapy

*Intuitive guidance


Quantum Touch energy healing works beautifully alongside Craniosacral therapy and Intuitive Guidance to facilitate healing at the root cause of disease, ailments and limitations.

What is in the way of you being your brightest, most joyful version of yourself?

I am grateful to offer this combination of therapies, going deeper into releasing the effects of past traumatic experiences held in the body, emotional imbalances, limiting beliefs, energetic blockages, sabotaging aspects of ourselfs.

I guide you to bring necessary energy, awareness and change to your day to day stresses, inability to move forward in life and to raise your self love.

I have witnessed powerful long lasting healing at all levels of the being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 


I offer distant services, with international clients and I also offer sessions in London.

I look forward to walking this healing journey with you!


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