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Carol Wetherill


Maryland, 21045
United States

Contact Information


[email protected]

After 25+years as a  bodywork practitioner drawing from western and eastern modalities, I am delighted to be a Quantum Touch practitioner. I believe that all healing is self-healing and that my role is to serve as a fascilitator in supporting your healing processes. This is the way of Quantum Touch. It's simple, effective, and full of possibilities. There is great joy in both becoming empowered, and empowering people to find their best self. 

I have been a licensed Massage Therapist in MD for nearly 25 years and a Reiki Practitiner for nearly 30. 

I have loved and practiced a  modality known as process acupressure for 20+ years.

My graduate degree is in Transpersonal Psychology with a specialty in spiritual psychology. This along with certification in coaching has supported my practice of wellness for myself and my clients.

Quantum touch brought all these apects together with its vison of self healing. I am delighted to bring this work to cleints in person and/or on line. The possibilities are amazing.

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