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Pat Wyckoff

Quantum Touch Practitioner


Quantum Healer Pat

United States

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[email protected]

Welcome to my Quantum Touch Journey



I have spent most of my life working in the financial services arena; insurance, banking, stock market, bookkeeping, and more. I've focused on taking care of other people's needs and solving their problems through customer service. I have always enjoyed helping people, and I get a deep sense of satisfaction when I've assisted in meeting their needs. 


However, I've always felt that there is more to this world than meets the eye. I was an empathetic child, and it hurt me to see others suffering. I could feel discomfort in my body over someone else's pain. I know now that I have a strong sense of intuition and empathy.


I became interested in learning Reiki to find a greater connection to God. I learned that the Energy that created our bodies is the same Energy that can heal them. Beautiful things can happen by tapping into a greater flow of that Energy.


During my Reiki training, my husband became very ill, and I was then motivated to find ways I could help him recover. I received my Reiki Master certificate in 2018. I attended my first Quantum-Touch class in 2020 and discovered this to be a more straightforward way to tap into the healing energy that is available to everyone.


One of the principles of Quantum-Touch is asking for "Help from Above." I was making that more substantial connection with God and began to study Angels to assist in my healing sessions. Which seemed to dovetail with the simplicity of Quantum-Touch teachings.


In my studies of Angels, I have come to know that we all have a team of angels assigned to us for this lifetime.  They are always here to guide and help us.  My relationship with my team grows stronger as I learn more about them and seek their assistance on a daily basis.


I regularly attend Advanced Energy Healing Classes to further my education and ability to access the healing energy for myself and my clients.


I partner with my clients to focus their desire and intent positively, thus allowing them to experience their innate healing ability. During this process, we create a pathway to change, growth, and healing.


I also enjoy working with pets and other animals.


I offer distance/remote sessions only.




 - First session $100.00

 - Subsequent sessions $85.00