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Pat Wyckoff

Quantum Touch Practitioner


Quantum Healer Pat

United States

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Welcome to my Quantum Touch Journey

For forty years, I have worked in the financial services arena, insurance, banking, stock market, bookkeeping, and more. I've focused on taking care of other people's needs and solving their problems through customer service. I have always enjoyed helping people, and I get a deep sense of satisfaction when I've done so.  I have a strong intuitive ability to pick up on their wants and needs, even if they aren’t saying the words aloud.  In my work life, I am extremely organized, and I have excellent communication skills when working with others.


My top three core beliefs in work and life, are:  

Honesty – It really IS the best policy

Help others - Do your best to help meet their needs

Positivity – Do all of this with a smile on your face.  Make people feel appreciated


Prior to being introduced to energy work, I struggled to find my purpose or mission in life.  I did my best to help others and make their life better, but I always felt there was more to life, and I wasn’t really picking up on why I was put here.  I now believe that I am meanto to help others through energy healing.  Maybe even improve the health of the world one person at a time.  


I was introduced to Reiki in my 30’s when our pastor worked on my husband’s dental issue.  She encouraged me to focus on him with the intent of sending him energy.  I thought it was kind of cool at the time, but I never investigated it.  Now, I believe it was the seed that was planted to bring me to energy healing.


I began searching for Reiki training options in 2017.  Little did I know that I was really going to need Reiki in the near future.  Early in 2018, my husband became ill and was hospitalized for eight days with a nasty virus.  It affected nearly every system in his body, lungs, liver, pancreas, bone marrow.  The list goes on.  I was blind-sided.  My big strong man was flat-out in a hospital bed, and when the fever spiked, he was writhing in pain.  I prayed for him every day while I sat with him in the hospital, but the only words my mind could form in prayer were “Thank you, God”.


Just prior to his hospitalization, I was learning Reiki level one.  I didn’t want to hover over him all day to put my hands on him, so I sat in that hospital room and “beamed” energy to him.  He came out of the hospital weak as a kitten, dependent on oxygen and insulin, but I still had a husband.  It was a long, slow recovery, today he is nearly 100%.  He rarely needs oxygen and has been off insulin for years.  I continue to do energy work on him, and he is still seeing incremental improvements.


Back in 2017 while searching for Reiki training, I remember seeing an article about Richard Gordon.  In it he said Quantum Touch is like Reiki without all the woo woo.  I dismissed it at the time, but it stuck in my brain and Quantum Touch kept popping up in my life.  I took my first QT Level 1 class is the summer of 2020 and completed my certification in 2022.  For most of my QT classes, I trained with Carol Lee, a gifted healer and angel communicator.


Intermingled with my QT training I took monthly angel healing classes from Carol.  She helped introduce me to my team of Angels.  One of the principles of Quantum-Touch is asking for "Help from Above."  In my healing sessions, I call on my Angels and those of my client to come in and assist in the sessions.  The intuitive information I receive from them is amazing. 

Working with my Angels and establishing my relationship with them has brought me much closer to God.  I experience more peace, joy, and love now than at any other time in my life.  


In my studies of Angels, I have come to know that we all have a team of angels assigned to us for this lifetime. They are always here to guide and help us. My relationship with my team grows stronger as I learn more about them and seek their assistance daily.


Through all of the classes I’ve taken, I have learned that the Energy that created our bodies is the same Energy that can heal them. Beautiful things can happen by tapping into a greater flow of that Energy.


I regularly attend Advanced Energy Healing Classes to further my education and ability to access the healing energy for myself and my clients.


I partner with my clients to focus their desire and intent positively, thus allowing them to experience their innate healing ability. During this process, we create a pathway to change, growth, and healing.

I also enjoy working with pets and other animals.

I offer distance/remote sessions only.



First session $100.00

Additional Sessions $85.00

 You can find me on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087196178329


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