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Lori Bierschenk

Quantum Touch Practioner


5700 25th Ave Dr. Vinton
Iowa, 52349
United States

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[email protected]

Born an intuitive, physical empath, I have always had the desire to help and heal. As a child, I would take in sick/injured animals and nurse them back to health. My desire to heal extended into adulthood where I became first a CNA at an Assisted Living/Home Health agency, then to having my own Home Health business.  Living on a farm, there have always been plenty of opportunities to utilize my nurturing/healing skills. I have found that animals are very receptive of healing and most heal very quickly. After treating a severely injured farm dog with energy healing, I became obsessed with learning different techniques and modalities and eventually came across Quantum Touch.  There are always positive outcomes with Quantum Touch and the results I have witnessed are nothing short of a miracle.  

Along with Quantum Touch, I also specialize in clearing and balancing the chakras.  An imbalance within our chakras can make us feel stuck and/or unmotivated.  We may also find it diffcult to deal with trauma and/or grief or move past it. Trauma is stored within our chakras and if not properly balanced, illness and/or pain will eventually manifest. Autoimmune disorders have been linked to chakra imbalance. 

I started doing distance healing a few years ago and have seen great success with it as well. The possibilites are endless and no matter what it is you are dealing with, I can help you.  Make this your day to feel better.  

Love and Light,


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