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Fiona Powell


United Kingdom

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[email protected]

I have a lot of empathy for anyone experiencing any kind of problem, whether it's physical, emotional or mental and I am constantly amazed by the enormous impact Quantum Touch can have on a person's healing process.
I have created a very relaxing, calm and safe space in my home, away from the worries of everyday life. If you feel safe and relaxed I believe your body and mind will heal itself so much quicker.
As a qualifed QT practioner I am passionate about helping people to live a better life.  It doesn't matter how big or small your problem, or you simply need re-engerising after a stressful time, I am happy to chat about how healing could work for you.




* Fiona is outstanding! The difference I feel after a treatment is truly amazing - she manages to locate and release tension that I didn't even realise I was holding on to, with her calming, healing hands.I leave my sessions feeling like a new person - deeply relaxed yet energised.  Annabel Buik


*I have staged 4 cancer and really wanted to combine holistic therapies alongside my conventional medical treatments. I researched QT and really liked what I read.  When I started seeing Fiona I was very stressed, in a lot of pain and my head was all over the place.  I have been seeing her now for sometime and she has helped me hugely. I also sleep so much better, especially the night after the healing. She has a real calmness about her and can't recommend her enough.  Sarah G 


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