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Greetings!  Thank you for coming to my profile page.  A bit about me.

 I have been a in the healing arts for the last 20 years.  I graduated from Heartwood institute as a Holistic Health Practitioner.
My modalities are Cranio Sacral, Myofascial Release, Neuromusclar Therapy, and Connective Tissue Therapy.  I have always
been very hands on and passionate about the healing process.  Constantly learning about how trauma is stored in our bodies and
what we can do to alleviate it, if not release it completly. 

I have found that there is much that we can do ourselves to move through 
the "dark night's of our Soul."  This is why I am an avid Meditator, Tai Chi practioner, Mind Dump Journaling, and exersise nut. 
"True Work, True Play, True Rest, and True Study are the Four pillars of a balanced healthy life." - Jose Stevens   

Working on ourselves is vital.  But it is also vital to seek help and connection when it is needed.  The frequency that you allow yourself
to receive healthy, loving touch and attention is an individual decision.  Just be sure to listen to the whispers of your Heart and its needs, instead of 
waiting for its screams.  

When Quantum touch found me, it was an instant knowing that this is the next step in my Journey to aiding people in a deeper way.
I am grateful to be of help to anyone who feels a safe connection to me and what I have to offer.  I am avalibe for distance work through Skype,
as well as in person session's if you are in my area.

All the Best,
Botond (Bo)  Hites


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