Energy Field Chargers

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Energy Field Chargers

Item# 3000-210
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Energy Field Chargers

Set of 12 Chargers

The Quantum-Touch Energy Field Cargers use the Quantum-Touch Pendant technology to uplift and charge any area. You can place the chargers anywhere: your office, bedroom, living room, meditation or healing space. Place them where your children sleep to support their health and well-being, or if someone you care about is in a hospital, you can place the Field Chargers in their room to accelerate their ability to heal. The Quantum-Touch Energy Field Chargers can go wherever you go, and are easily removable when you change locations.

And like our Quantum-Touch pendants, all Field Chargers are charged and entangled with all the other Quantum-Touch Pendants being used. The only difference is that the Field Chargers also have the intention of holding space.


Attach the Field Chargers to four walls. This creates an entangled field as described in “The Secret Nature of Matter.” They do not have to be placed symmetrically. It is your awareness and intent that connects and activates them and determines the area they cover. You can also attach them to a computer or other device.

(Use the removable enclosed tags for placement on walls. Removing the back is for permanent attachment and could cause damage to paint or other surfaces.)

To activate the Field Chargers:

As with all Quantum-Touch products, your love and intention are the key. Simply connect to your love and intention, and send it to the Energy Field Chargers to activate them. It's best to have a clear intention for what you are wanting the chargers to support, i.e., for the energy and essence of deep sleep, peace, joy, productivity, etc. The intention is then set. To keep them charged and filled to the brim with your intention, every few days you might consciously amp up your intention and direct it to the Field Chargers you're working with. A few seconds is all you need. This will keep them "juiced up" and powerfully active.

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