Quantum-Touch® Mentor Program

2 | Optional Mentoring for Existing Level I Instructors

English-speaking instructors can always participate in the bi-weekly group instructor calls if they want help with teaching or marketing their classes. Some of our already certified Level 1 Instructors may want additional support, and Quantum-Touch, Inc. now has three avenues of mentoring available.

ALL ARE OPTIONAL. You are not required to participate in any. If, however, you have noticed deficits in your teaching or business-building skills and wondered how to address these areas, the Optional Instructor Mentoring is for you.
Option A
Attend more live
Level 1 Quantum-Touch classes

This is the simplest and most affordable option.

BENEFITS: Attending more live Level 1 QT classes is excellent experiential training. You will see how a seasoned QT instructor handles QT topics and questions, and class dynamics in general.

PRICE: Your tuition is half the full registration price.

TO REGISTER: All you need to do is find a live Level 1 class taught by an experienced QT instructor in your region. Register with the instructor directly.

Option B
1-on-1 coaching by the hour
with an approved QT Mentor

Bring your questions and specific concerns to a private mentoring session with a QT Mentor of your choice. (Find your QT Mentor) Sessions are booked by the hour, and are held either in person (if you and the mentor are nearby) or via SKYPE or other online teleconferencing system.

BENEFITS: For those who have specific questions or concerns, this is a practical and focused opportunity to get guidance from some of the best instructors of Quantum-Touch worldwide. NOTE: No handouts from the QT Mentor Program will be given out in this option.

PRICE: The cost will depend on the number of hours you book. The fee per hour is $300 US, paid to Quantum-Touch, Inc. in advance.

TO REGISTER: Select a QT Mentor and contact him or her to check availability. Once you have scheduled your session, call the QT Main Office and pay for your mentoring session.

Option C
Complete 8-hour Mentor Program of 1-on-1 coaching
with an approved QT Level 1 Mentor

This is the most comprehensive option, identical to the Mentor Program that is required for all future QT Level 1 Instructors. You will work one-on-one with an approved QT Mentor of your choice. (Find your QT Mentor) Topics will cover the QT Level 1 curriculum, class dynamics, FAQ, and insightful tips on developing, organizing and maintaining a strong business teaching Level 1 Quantum-Touch. The 8-page Mentor Program checklist is included.

BENEFITS: Both inspirational and motivating, with concrete business-building tips and suggestions, this option gives you the most value for your money. To thrive as a Quantum-Touch Instructor requires confidence, professionalism, and skill. This option is designed to help you meet these goals.

PRICE: $2,000 US, paid to Quantum-Touch, Inc. in advance.

TO REGISTER: Select a QT Mentor and contact him or her to check availability. Contact the QT Main Office and pay the Mentor Program fee. Once payment has been processed, your QT Mentor will contact you to establish the schedule and begin your individualized support.

Who are the QT Mentors?

The mentors approved by Quantum-Touch, Inc. are some of our best and brightest, most experienced and successful Level 1 Instructors worldwide. Many of them are also teaching Level 2 Quantum-Touch and Self Created Health. All of them have repeatedly demonstrated an ability to mentor students in the past and create a thriving business in the healing arts.

Our Mentors support the worldwide Quantum-Touch community of Instructors and Practitioners with a strong intention for quality, integrity and impeccable service, amplifying our shared purpose of teaching Quantum-Touch to the global community.

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