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3 | Optional Mentoring for Certified QT Practitioners

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Students who attend a live Level 1 class often have questions as they begin their informal healing practice. We encourage these students to remain in contact with their Level 1 Instructor, who remains a primary resource for inspiration and information.

In addition, students can read and participate in the QT Message Board, re-read Richard Gordon’s book on QT, practice with classmates, and engage in discussions on the QT Facebook and LinkedIn sites. All of these will help students gain confidence and skill when using Quantum-Touch.

After a student has become a Certified Practitioner of Quantum-Touch, there may still be questions and concerns that arise during professional practice. To address these needs, Quantum-Touch, Inc. is now offering optional mentoring for our current QT Certified Practitioners. These are not requirements but additional support to enhance each practitioner‘s ability to thrive as a healing professional.

Quantum-Touch, Inc. offers three kinds of mentoring for our certified practitioners. After you have read the descriptions below, you can decide which options you prefer.

Option A
Attend more live
Level 1 Quantum-Touch classes

The best way to enhance your understanding and practice of QT is to take the live Level 1 workshop again!

BENEFITS: No two classes are exactly alike. While the principles and practices are uniform, how a teacher expresses them will be different. You will meet new classmates, hear their questions, and experience healing with them. With each class, your vibration is enhanced, and your awareness of energy expands. This allows you to relax into the material and see familiar techniques in a deeper way. Your comprehension of the work will grow exponentially.

PRICE: It is also cost effective. Repeating a Level 1 live class is half the full registration price.

TO REGISTER: Simply find an experienced QT Level 1 Instructor and attend their next class, and the one after that. If you prefer, try several different instructors. You will be amazed how beautifully this advances your growth not only as a Quantum-Touch professional, but as an individual healer as well.

Option B
Practitioner Training Calls
offered by Quantum-Touch, Inc.

These training calls are conducted in English, offered for free, and are held each month on Skype. Facilitated by an experienced staff member from the QT Main Office, they are designed to help you build a successful and rewarding private practice.

BENEFITS: Topics will vary each month. They can include marketing tips, QT discoveries, and learning how to free yourself from the hidden blocks that might be keeping you from having the Quantum-Touch practice of your dreams.

PRICE: It is free to those who have high speed internet.

TO REGISTER: Quantum-Touch, Inc. will send out an email to all Certified QT Practitioners announcing the call dates and times. Simply tune in and take advantage of the wealth of insights that surface during these calls.

Option C
Hourly 1-on-1 Mentoring
with an approved QT Mentor

If, after repeating several live Level 1 classes or participating in the training calls offered by Quantum-Touch, Inc., you still have questions or concerns, you can schedule a private mentoring session with an approved QT Mentor of your choice. (Find your QT Mentor) Sessions are booked by the hour. They can be held in person or via Skype (or other online system).

BENEFITS: For those who want to explore the possibility of teaching QT, having a QT Mentor session is a great first step. You can sit down with an experienced QT Instructor and learn in greater depth what is involved in being a Quantum-Touch Instructor, to see if this career option is for you.

You can also use a mentor session to confidentially address specific questions or concerns you have encountered in private practice.

PRICE: Private mentoring sessions are $200 US per hour, and are paid to Quantum-Touch, Inc. in advance.

TO REGISTER: Select a QT Mentor and contact him or her to check availability. Once you have scheduled your session(s), call the QT Main Office and pay for as many sessions as you wish.

Who are the QT Mentors?

The mentors approved by Quantum-Touch, Inc. are some of our best and brightest, most experienced and successful Level 1 Instructors worldwide. Many of them are also teaching Level 2 Quantum-Touch and Self Created Health. All of them have repeatedly demonstrated an ability to mentor students in the past and create a thriving business in the healing arts.

Our Mentors support the worldwide Quantum-Touch community of Instructors and Practitioners with a strong intention for quality, integrity and impeccable service, amplifying our shared purpose of teaching Quantum-Touch to the global community.

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