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Alejandro Perez

QT and Reiki Channel, Nurse


United States

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[email protected]

This message has been imbued with light and love for whomever reads it and accepts the energy. As many energy workers say "The best healer is you, for each person heal themselves, I only provide the light, the rest is up to you." I've been a nurse since 2002 and have always looked for ways to help people. However, even before that I was aware that there was "something more."  I met my Reiki Master and Mentor around 2006 and was initiated in its light. I then stumbled upon Quantum Touch around 2008 and began using the energy through the techniques I learned from the book. However, I didn't officially become a practitioner until late 2016 but I had been using the QT Techniques for almost 10 years before that. This is truly a modality that anyone can learn, even if it is with varying levels of ability. The possibilities are endless. Light and Love Alex.