Penny Heiple

Biodynamic Craniosacral, Polarity, Quantum-Touch®, & Zen Shiatsu Practitioner


2955 Valmont Rd
Ste 130
Boulder, Colorado, 80304, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 720-260-3194

Like so many in this field, I came to this work through my own suffering. From a very young age, I struggled with what well-meaning doctors labeled as "depression." I never liked being labeled. I never liked being analyzed. I felt as if something was wrong with me, and so did everyone else. I tried everything that I and my family could think of to "fix" me. I did endless hours of therapy, tried various medications, went to support groups, read self-help books, went to personal growth seminars, and practiced "living in the now," to name but a few strategies. These were all life-altering, amazing experiences, and yet I still suffered.

I was first attracted to Quantum-Touch® and my other main modalities because with these approaches, the focus is not on what was wrong with you -- the focus is on what is right. It is such a relief to be truly seen as the one underneath all the despair and suffering, the one who has an amazing ability to heal your own heart, mind, and body. Through this work, I have come to realize that the keys to my own healing are inside of me. And so now, as I continue my own healing journey, I also offer support to others on their journeys. I create a safe, compassionate, non-judgmental space where you are free to explore the connection between your body, mind, and spirit and come to know and experience your own innate healing capacity.

As for the formalities, I regularly combine three main modalities in my sessions: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST), Polarity Therapy, and Quantum-Touch®.  My main modality and specialty is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST). I studied BCST at the Colorado School of Energy Studies (700 hours) in Boulder, Colorado. At the same school in Boulder, I also completed my training in Polarity Therapy (120 hours). And then, on the beautiful island of Kauai, I completed my practitioner training in Quantum-Touch® (160 hours). Other modalities I sometimes integrate into sessions include Zen Shiatsu and Massage Therapy. I graduated from the 1000-hour program at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and also completed the advanced certification training in Zen Shiatsu (200 hours) at that school. Finally, I have also taken an advanced training in using BCST with infants, and I have experience as both an intern and volunteer with various Hospice organizations.  I integrate and weave together all of these modalities and experiences into my sessions.

I look forward to being a part of your healing journey!