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Janet Hudonjorgensen


State of The Heart

United States

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Having been involved with the healing arts and spiritual growth since the early 70’s, I have experienced deep fulfillment and profound joy in being able to help myself and others improve our quality of life.  

I studied at the Option Institute and Fellowship in Massachusetts: “To Love is to be Happy with….” 

My husband and I were Directors of the Creative Health Institute in MI where we taught people how to heal themselves using live and raw foods. Studied with Dr. Ann Wigmore and Victoras Kulvinskas – the two biggest names for live food therapy in the 70’s and 80’s. 

Studied A Course In Miracles 

Why Is This Happening to Me… Again? studies with Dr. Michael Ryce where I learned various tools for forgiveness as well as the Stillpoint Meditation to mention a few.  I currently offer a support group for learning and applying "The True Aramaic form of Forgiveness" every week.

All these experiences and tools inspired my husband and I to travel throughout the US and Canada and to teach our own “State of the Heart Workshops”. 

I learned Quantum Touch: Level 1, Core Transformation I & Core Transformation II.  I also offer Theta Healing and teach Forgiveness classes. I am a certified, licensed Quantum Touch Level 1 Instructor and Practitioner.

Through this wide range of life experiences and learnings, my path of unfolding has led me to a deep appreciation for our body, mind, spirit’s ability to regain its innate balance and harmony.

Due to its power and simplicity Quantum-Touch has become my tool of choice.

My desire, in serving you, is to lovingly and gently do all I can to share in "The integration of quantum physics with spirituality to create an elegant and efficient approach to healing and wholeness".  I offer hands-on as well as distant sessions.  

“Love is the answer, whatever the question…”

I can be reached at (801) 971-4556… Call me; I look forward to meeting you.

[email protected]

Janet Hudonjorgensen

Sandy, UT  84070

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