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Susan Wolding

Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Faith Healer, Reiki Master, Medicine Woman


365 E Louise Ave #4 Lathrop
United States

Contact Information


[email protected]



   Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Faith Healer, Intuitive, Medicine Woman, Ordained Minister, and is active in the Awakening Movement.

    Susan was raised in California where she was blessed with Faith Healing at the age of 32, She witnessed, by her hands, the restoration of vision, complete healing of wounds, broken bones, and much more. She studied with the Kahunas of Hawaii learning the Huna way, calling Dolphins from the ocean, connecting with Spirit (Ho O Pono Pono), and more.  Her fascination with Herbal Medicine and the Native American Way lead her to study and become a Medicine Woman for the Nemenhah Band, allowing her to perform hands-on healings, and blessings and help others practice the ritual of starting each day with the Creator of all that is. Quantum-Touch was something she had heard about and after learning it, she found that it could actually change the molecular structure of cells in the body, causing healing. The outcome of Miracles began happening right away using the Quantum-Touch Method, she then took the steps to become a Certified Practitioner. Over the past 30+ years, she has added many other modalities to her practice.  She has found that trapped emotions are the root cause of most illnesses, physical, spiritual, or emotional, and has learned how to release them. She believes in Einstein's theory that "everything is Energy" and that Energy can be moved and manipulated to be positive, whether it be by touch or by distant intention. Mind over matter.

    Her main goal in life is to teach others to heal using Quantum Touch and other Methods and help others gain the Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection. Our Oneness.

    All things are possible as long as the will of the person is in alignment. Nothing can happen against your inner will, not even your death.

Attributes her knowledge and gifts from Holy Mary, Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, Archangel Rafael, Archangel Michael, Helen Hayes, Dr. Brad Nelson, Kahunas of Oahu, Hawaii, Richard Gordon, Gaylen Heironomous, Nicola Tesla, Einstein, Vianna Stibal, Joan Hunter, Lloyd Mear, Nick Ortner, Silvia Brown, Earl Mendell, Ted Andrews, Alexander Loyd, Neale Donald Walsch and many more.



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