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Dorothy Ling

Certified QT Practitioner


Hong Kong

Contact Information


[email protected]

Dorothy experienced energy healing in 2001, introduced by two innate energy healers.  Since then she visited them on weekly basis for treatments and maintenance continuously for eight years.  With her devoted endeavour, she gradually feels the energy (qi) and she is now able to manage the energy to deal with her sickness on her own, for example, a swollen-lymph as big as a quail egg identified in the armpit could be made disappeared in two days without any traditional medical treatments or western medicine. 

Apart from being a Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Dorothy is also a Reiki Master; an Oneness Deeksha Giver; a Magnified Healing (1st & 3rd Phases) Practitioner; a Bach Flower Therapist and an Instructor of Flower Therapy AANM.  Based on her committed practices in the recent years, she also found that QT well matches with natural therapies such as cranial sacral therapy.

Dorothy got a clear screen to be a devoted energy healer and she always sticks to the universal energy doctrine and codes of practice with mindfulness.