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Special Offer on the Quantum-Touch Basic Video Workshop
And Free Teleseminar

One of the reasons I'm so excited about Quantum-Touch is our core message:

All Healing is Self Healing.

Given the right conditions, the body has a tremendous intelligence and capacity to heal itself. In "Western Medicine", the focus of the treatment is often about alleviating the symptoms you’re experiencing. And while this helps you feel better in the short term by clearing your immediate problems... the long term effects aren’t too long-lasting.

With Quantum-Touch, we teach people how to trust the intelligence of the body. The body knows how to bring itself back to wholeness given the proper conditions. We help our people maximize their own capacity to heal rather than "treat" specific conditions. True healing occurs by addressing the root cause of disease.

The Video Workshop Program

As part of our commitment to self-empowerment , Quantum-Touch introduced the Video Workshop Progam to the Quantum-Touch Community back in 2002!

The QT Basic Video Workshop program has been the single most powerful tool for teaching people in all walks of life and all over the world how to use Life Force Energy to quickly heal each other, themselves, their families, communities, countries and the planet!

The Video Worskhop program allows people to learn Quantum-Touch at home by hosting video workshops. During the video workshop, people have time to ask questions, practice the Quantum-Touch techniques, and practice on each other. There are short 15-minute sessions, longer sessions, group healing sessions, sweeping sessions with partners, breathing practice, internal toning, and chakra sessions. Every single question students typically ask during live workshops is discussed on these videos. After the video workshop, students walk away clearly understanding and able to use Quantum-Touch.

As a "thank you" for hosting the video workshop, the facilitator receives $40 per student and free registration! (a $50 value! )

And Quantum-Touch will give course credit for video workshops with a total of 3 or more people. Since 2002, thousands of people have learned Quantum-Touch through this program.


Learn How To...

  • Use breathing and energy awareness exercises to focus and amplify life for energy for healing
  • Accelerate healing, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation
  • Re-align bones with a light touch - a great way to quickly reduce or eliminate back pain
  • Amplify the power of your healing sessions by working with Chakras, Toning, and Vortexing Energy
  • Combine Quantum-Touch with other healing modalities
  • Use and extraordinary distance healing method
  • Work with pets and other animals


"A gift to humanity"

Having been a chiropractor for the past twelve years, and a student of metaphysics for the past thirty-five, it is my unequivocal conviction that Quantum-Touch is truly one of the most simple, effective, and liberating healing techniques that virtually anyone can learn. My empirical experience has validated many of the premises and phenomena presented in Richard Gordon's book.

From the first day I took the Interactive Video course, I was indeed able to move the pelvic and sacral bones of a person standing, with only a light touch on their iliac crests. The occiput and spine demonstrated a similar level of response to process of " running the energy" . When I incorporated this technique into my practice, I was able to produce some remarkable reductions in my patients pain levels for a variety of conditions ranging from the usual neck and back complaints to those of knee, wrist, elbow and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain. I am certain that with further research, the application of Quantum-Touch will become the first action we resort to when someone is in pain, precisely because it is instinctive, natural and effective. This work is truly a gift to humanity.
Jonathan D. French, D.C.


An Excerpt from the QT Video Workshop: Richard Gordon, Founder of QT, speaks about the Quantum-Touch Vision.


Video Workshop Special Offer

The video workshop packages includes:

  • 4 DVD set that contains the 12 hour Quantum-Touch experiential workshop
  • Quantum-Touch Lecture/Demonstration CD
  • "Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal" softcover book
  • Information packet for conducting your own video workshop

The regular price for the Video Workshop package is $125.00 We will be offering the package on sale for $100.00 up until Friday May 15, 2009

You save $25!


Free Teleseminar: How to Facilitate a Video Workshop

Please join us for this special tele-training! You can get all of your questions answered and be inspired to host Basic Video Workshops in your home or community. Why wait?

Hosting a Basic Video Workshop is fun and easy! Anyone can host a workshop and no prior experience with Quantum-Touch is necessary. Richard Gordon is the workshop instructor and he brings his skills, techniques and humor to your group or family so that you can learn at your own pace, in your own space. And you can host as many workshops as you like!

Here are the tele-webcast details:

EVENT: How to Host a QT Basic Video Workshop
DATE & TIME: Thursday, May 7th at 1:00pm Pacific
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast -- it's your choice)


Here's the link to the PDF Info Pack, we will be using this material during the class, so please download and print the Info Pack now: Video Workshop Infopak

Also, be sure to ask your most urgent question about how to host a Basic Video Workshop, there is a space on the webcast page:

This special tele-training will be hosted and taught by Randy Sandknop and Julie Brent. Randy and Julie are both Certified QT Practitioners and Instructors and have taught and facilitated many live and video workshops. Randy has helped hundreds of people host Basic Video Workshops when on staff with Quantum-Touch and Julie actually funded all of her QT instructor training by hosting Basic Video Workshops!

So plan to join in on the call and gather all the great information being offered by these two fabulous, fun and experienced instructors!

Again, here's the webcast link:

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