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Serenity Dylan

Healing Solutions


Healing Solutions, LLC

North Carolina, 28803
United States

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(828) 808 - 8955


[email protected]

Serenity Dylan, LMBT, NC License #6352

Serenity's upbringing and her own health odyssey ignited a lifelong fascination with all things wellness related. This lead her to extensive holistic studies in Quantum Touch, Reiki, flower essence therapy, massage, nutrition, and more. She has been practicing Reiki and energy work since '95, massage since '02 and flower essence therapy since '05. She has worked in elite spas in San Diego, Chicago and here in Asheville.

Serenity is a passionate advocate for you! Your health, your vitality, your wellbeing. She brings her intuition and compassion to the massage table, combines that with great technical skills and anatomical knowledge. The result is an amazing massage and a revitalized you! Serenity believes in custom tailoring her approach to each individual. In addition to massage she sells cutting-edge supplements to cleanse and nourish the body. Serenity uses her intuition and background in energy work and flower essence therapy, to help others achieve emotional-mental-spiritual balance. Using the right tool or service for the client makes for effective therapy and creates lasting results. Helping You Heal Yourself. That's what Serenity and Healing Solutions, are all about.