What Your Love Can Do!

Here is a story from our Quantum-Touch Facebook group page that is incredibly inspiring to me: The Story of Sprocket.

"Sprocket was attacked by two Pit Bulls, in our yard Sunday. She was shaken, like a chew toy. Her back legs are not working. Please send her love, light and healing! She is a very sweet, and sensitive soul. She desperately needs help. Thank you!!!"

The response to the healing request was amazing: 76 members commented that they were sending love and healing! (And I'm sure that some people sent energy and love even though they did not comment.)

One day later on September 9, 2015 Lynisa posted:

11:10 AM

Sprocket wanted me to thank everyone for sending Quantum-Touch, reiki, and prayers! She seems more peaceful. She was able to stand on all four of her legs, for a moment. Hopefully, she will regain full mobility soon! Sprocket is ten years old, and people always mistake her for a puppy because she is so playful. It feels good to know that so many people care, and are helping with her recovery. Namaste

3:07 PM

Sprocket walked today!!! She even wagged her tail. She is still in pain, but her progress is MIRACULOUS. Thank you light workers! :-)

Thursday September 10

6:04 AM

Sprocket's progress is mind blowing! On Sunday-Tuesday, I thought she was a goner. Yesterday, hope was restored, and today I am overjoyed! Her tail is wagging like crazy, she is a bit wobbly when she walks, but she is walking! THANK YOU! Hooray!

8:44 AM

Notice the blur of Sprocket's tail, & that she is standing!

Thank you for all of the Quantum-Touch Facebook Group members!  This group has become a wonderful exchange of energy for people who are posting healing requests and all members of the community who are sharing love and healing.   And the group now has over 13,000 members!

If you would like to join the group, please go to: Facebook Group

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