Reversing Polarity with Quantum-Touch Pendant

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June 11, 2019
Dear Jennifer and Richard,
I received the pendant today, it is beautiful! And very powerful!! Wow! When you told me you were going to send me one, I also took that as permission to print a picture of the front and back of the pendant from your website.
I covered the ink with plastic, and I kept it with me the whole week. I wanted to see if it also worked. And it did, somewhat. It lessened my back pain when I slept on it, and lessened my TMJ pain, and carpal tunnel. It also made me happier.
Also, knowing I am connected to a worldwide group of like-minded people is very comforting and healing.
But today, I unpacked the real pendant and I feel a big difference. It is so much more powerful than the picture!
I wanted to let you know this, and will also send you feedback later, after I've played with the pendant for a while. I can't wait to use it on all my issues and see what happens. The pendant feels very precious.
Thank you again, so, so much!
Love, Eva

July 2, 2019
Dear Jennifer and Richard,
I have (successfully) programmed the Quantum-Touch Pendant to correct polarity reversal of the body. Many things can cause it, however, in my case it is caused by menopausal hot flashes.
When polarity is reversed, healing does not happen, or is very slow. That I was not healing properly, despite all my efforts, has worried me greatly!
I have recently discovered the polarity-issue because I took up muscle testing again, and I noticed that it does not work properly anymore. But when I correct the polarity, muscle testing is accurate again.
It is rather tedious to keep correcting polarity with the known tricks and exercises. It takes time, and effort and I have to keep doing it all the time during and after each hot flash.
So, I programmed the Quantum-Touch Pendant to do it, and it works very well! Wearing the pendant with the intention to correct polarity seems to work best. At night I sleep on top of it.
Now, I feel a big difference during hot flashes. Before, I felt my energy drain, and got very tired and "down." Now, I feel much better during and after a hot flash, and my energy stays "up" (physically and mentally).
For me this is a big discovery, and a big step towards recovery! I will continue to work on why my body (or my hormones) does this polarity reversal all the time.
You may have this information already, but if not, please feel free to share it. I like to think that maybe I have added a little to the Quantum-Touch Pendant.
Love, Eva (from Amsterdam)

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