The Spiritual, Metaphysical and Health Benefits of Emotional Processing

Gifts of Love

About every energy worker I know eventually comes to the same conclusion: Physical health issues are emotions that weren’t able to be felt and became trapped and hardened in the body. To keep this from happening you can practice feeling your feelings in an aware and active way, and reduce the likelihood of them manifesting physically.

In fact, the good news is that by actively processing emotions as they come up, you can also start to uncover the pure underlying joy that is our true nature, and lives shining at the core of every human being. We are all born with it.

At our center is the purest ecstatic joy of simply being alive, and when you begin to relearn to feel the way you did as a child, those beams of joy begin to shine through again, small at first, and then larger and more brightly as you keep your focus more continuously on feeling.

Start by gently sensing your feelings and allowing them to change. You see, our feelings are just looking for a way to be expressed so they can leave the body. As soon as they are felt they tend to leave quickly or be transformed into something else, usually in about 30 seconds!

As each layer is removed, we experience a calming sense of relief, as the emotions release and come into harmony. Follow this up by feeling gratitude for yourself for allowing yourself to feel, and loving yourself deeply. Even doing this for 15 minutes a day makes a huge difference in your overall mood and sense of calm, and you also get these periodic bursts of incredible joy and bliss.

Oh, and one last thing. There are Metaphysical benefits as well. If you feel your feelings around an issue that is bothering you, you release the need in the universe to give you another opportunity to feel those same feelings by giving you more of the same situation. By actively feeling your emotions around any issue, that issue tends to simply go away, whether it’s a life situation or a physical issue.

If you want to take a deep dive into how to use emotional processing to resolve specific life or health issues, check out Richard Gordon’s Self Created Health class in March or find an emotional processing class near you! Here’s to uncovering the pure joy of being alive!

Tyler Odysseus
Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY, USA

Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Level 1, Level 2, Supercharging Instructor
Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor Trainer


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