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Sandy Feist


Fourways/Jukskei Park, Randburg Johannesburg
South Africa

Contact Information


27 82 454 7862

Alt. Phone:

27 83 297 8327


[email protected]

I practice the following modalities:
- Quantum-Touch
- Access Bars
- Cranio-Sacral Therapy- Reiki (I am an USUI Reiki Master)
- Esoteric Healing
- Biokinesiology
- Distance Healing

- BEMER Therapy

- RIFE Therapy

I tutor the following workshops:

- Basic Nutrition Workshops
- Biokinesiology
- Reiki courses
- Access Bars
- Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshops.

I am so impressed with what I've seen and experienced with Quantum-Touch, that it has become a way of life. When combining Quantum-Touch with other modalities, the results are definitely more effective. I'm sure this is due to the higher vibrational level generated during Quantum-Touch.

My practice is a mix of children, adults and animals with both physical and/or emotional conditions. I treat a number of children with birthing traumas and/or concentration challenges and have a  package that consists of nutritional advice, supplementation and a mix of treatments. I have treated a number of clients with severe head injuries with some amazing results. One of the clients was 75 and was unresponsive for 3 years and after 10 treatments, she "woke up"!


Sandy Feist's Upcoming Workshops


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