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Hi, I’m Dr. Richie-Ann Rodriguez.  I have been a family physician for 12 years here in British Columbia, Canada.  Even though I was trained in the Western tradition of medicine, my Asian background impressed upon me the existence of healing systems based on subjective inner experience rather than objective observation.  Early on in my career, I have always been acutely aware that my medical training was limited by the demand for proof, for something concrete & observable. It largely disregards the intuitive aspect of healing: basically, if a treatment or an outcome cannot be seen, it does not exist. 
In my desire to reconcile both Eastern and Western healing practices, I began incorporating the energy body model with my scientific knowledge of the human body during my clinical encounters with patients.  I have been blessed with the opportunity of bridging these two very different worlds through working with my patients, who so willingly let me in their hearts and minds.  It is for them that I do this work.
Quantum Touch is a platform where I explore the connections that exist between the seen and the unseen elements of the human body.  My work is my own contribution to the movement towards an authentic medicine, where the individual’s illness is viewed from the perspective of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life changes she/he is experiencing.  Through this lens, I will attempt to offer a different prescription—a template that I hope will give insight into your true nature and foster a deeper acceptance of yourself.
My goal is not to be a voice of authority on the ideas presented here.  My goal is to simply impart information and allow it to reveal itself in a manner that supports your healing and growth.  Because true wisdom and real healing can only come from a personal process of discovery.  And it can only be experienced through the process of discovering your Self.  
I invite you to take this journey with me.  It is a journey where you will consciously participate—for it will require you to let go of preconceived notions that keep you trapped in fearful responses.  It is your own journey on a path that will propel you forward towards renewal.  And it is the same path that will call you back home, to yourself.
I may be a physician by profession, but I am a healer at heart.  As you are.  And as a healer, my goal is to hold the vision of you in your wellness, until you can see the same vision for yourself.
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