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Linda Thompson

Quantum Touch Pracitioner


Energy Never Ending

PO Box 405 Pittsboro
Indiana, 46167
United States

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[email protected]



I am so happy to be a Quantum Touch Pracitioner because of its simplicity and effectiveness of helping others find peace and relaxation. My healing certification journey began in 2014 with Healing Beyond Borders. By 2017, I became a level 4 practitioner apprentice. 2014-2017, I volunteered with a healing touch team. We visited the shut ends, providing relief to their discomforts with energy work. I am certified with Koren Specific Technique that uses the occiptial drop to find energy blocks and then clear them out. I also went through the certification of Order of St Luke's International Physician- a Christian healing prayer ministry. I also received a certification in anatomy for healers in 2017. I love the energy journey because it is never ending.