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How I Connect with the Priceless Feeling of Fulfillment

By Gustavo Carvalho, Quantum-Touch Ambassador

I did not believe in any of it. But one day I was lucky enough to be introduced to this field by an IT Engineer who studied in the best Engineering school of Sao Paulo. He was also a Professor and an IT Manager in one of the biggest banks in the world.

As he is a very focused person and serious in whatever he does, I started believing in energy healing when he introduced me to this fascinating world and shared the results he was having with his clients.

I was so excited about how quickly and effectively this works for people’s well-being, that I started attending courses about different modalities of energy healing.

And why did I choose Quantum-Touch?

I wanted to choose a modality of energy work where I could go deeper and become a certified practitioner.

One day, this gentleman, who has a vast knowledge about energy healing, said that Quantum-Touch is the best and most powerful energy healing modality he knows.

Thanks to this information from someone who has a true researcher spirit, I got interested in learning Quantum-Touch techniques. I started by reading the book Quantum-Touch, The Power to Heal by Richard Gordon.

Today I’m glad to say that I’m a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner and can help my family, friends and clients quickly get rid of physical and emotional pain. After sessions, when they give me positive feedback, I feel this priceless feeling of fulfillment.

This includes, but it’s not limited to all kinds of physical pain, low levels of energy, emotional pain, and other scenarios such as lack of focus, insomnia, disharmony in relationships, etc.

What we give in life is often what we receive. So, the positive results I see taking place every time there is a session, makes me feel emotionally and mentally balanced as well.

Gustavo Carvalho

Quantum-Touch Ambassador/Practitioner/Spanish Liaison

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