Share Quantum-Touch

Quantum-Touch Healing Circles provide an opportunity for QT Workshop graduates to give or receive energy and to accumulate hours to become a certified practitioner. For those new to QT, the Healing Circle is a great opportunity to receive a QT session! The QT Healing Circle creates a loving, supportive healing environment and a forum to share Quantum-Touch insights.

Interested in Starting a Healing Circle?

Here are some guidelines...

Who can host a Healing Circle?

Anyone who has taken the Live Basic Quantum-Touch Workshop or the Video Workshop can host a Healing Circle.

How often should I host the Healing Circle?

You can schedule healing circles as often as you like! Schedule it at a regular time and place so people can plan it in their schedules. If they can't make it one time, they will come the next. Keeping the schedule regular seems to work the best.

Where do I hold the Circle?

Have a place large enough for at least 12 people to comfortably work and to possibly be able to do the Star. The numbers may vary from month to month. Someone's home can work if large enough. Other options are libraries, churches and healing centers. If there is a charge, it is usually nominal and each person can give a small donation towards the charge.

How long does a Healing Circle last?

We recommended holding the Healing Circle for any length of time that people feel inspired to run energy! On average a Healing Circle lasts for 2 hours. Please divide up the time so that everyone have an opportunity to practice QT and receive QT!

Can I learn QT at the Healing circle?

QT healing circles are an opportunity for people who have taken QT workshops to practice the QT techniques. If you are new to QT, the circle is an opportunity to experience a QT session! The healing circle is a great introduction to QT but is not a forum to teach. Please direct anyone interested in QT to the website ( for more information on how they can learn QT techniques.

Can we do other modalities at the QT Healing Circle?

Healing Circles listed on the QT website focus on practicing Quantum-Touch techniques. All modalities are wonderful! However, if your Circle is on the QT website, please focus on QT or the combination of QT and other modalities. We want to help foster learning and practicing of QT for those who want to explore the QT techniques.