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Kathie Scott

A Quantum Touch Instructor/Practitioner/Mentor ~ Level I & II, SCH, SG, EG ~ Breathwork Facilitator,


The whole planet....from: Vancouver
British Columbia

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[email protected]



Offerings:  Level I, Level II, SuperCharge, Energy Boost and SCH workshops.

If your schedule does not work with what is posted, please contact me, as I may have a list of others with special date requests, and can then put together a suitable date for all, that you might not see currently posted.  Contact Kathie Scott at 604-813-4543 or [email protected]

The evidence is in - we are pure energy, and our body heals through vibration, resonance and frequency, and our personal energetic field must be as coherent as possible to withstand any outside incoherency or "unhealthy" frequency.  It is becoming clear that we carry emotional charges from all areas of our life, from over our whole lifetime, and perhaps beyond, and these charges can be cleared regularly - no need for traumas from the past to impede or negatively influence a forward flow!

Quantum-Touch moves us from "thinking" with the brain's slower, denser frequencies to "feeling" with the heart's more coherent, higher frequencies. How does it get any better than that?!! This allows us to entrain to pure Life Force Energy and self-healing.  Our Love is Powerful and Quantum-Touch assists in releasing the mind for better access to the innate wisdom of the heart!

We love the addition of Quantum-Touch to our lives! We love the energy created in group workshops as well as in one-one-one sessions ~ truly transformative!

Please visit our www.quantumlife.ca for more information on our next Quantum Touch workshop.

All are welcome - no prior experience required for Level 1 and all other modalities are compatible from the Quantum Touch perspective.

Many Blessings,



[email protected]

Level 1 Mentor/Instructor Trainer

Level V1, Level V2, Energy Boost, SuperCharging & SCH - Instructor/Practitioner

Numa Somatics Breathwork Facilitator