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How Often Should I Come in for a Session?

by Alison Zeidler

There is one question I get asked a lot: How often should I come in for a session?

The short answer is, it depends on what issue we are working with. If it’s a long term, chronic issue, then more frequent sessions would be useful. It also depends on how quickly we can find the root cause.

In Quantum-Touch we teach that emotions are intrinsically tied to physical illness and disease. Discovering, offering unconditional universal love and releasing those emotions helps heal the physical body.

In my practice, I usually look for and find underlying emotions that, at the very least, are contributing to any physical concern. But there are different layers to uncover, and different ways we can approach a session.

An issue a client is having may be rooted in chronic fear, grief or anxiety. There may be a component of not feeling safe or having self-limiting beliefs. There may be chronic stress, ancestral trauma, childhood trauma or even a spiritual disconnection.

Life experiences brings trauma: little traumas and some big traumas. Life also brings joy and pleasure and love. All our life experiences layer themselves on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

A single Quantum-Touch session may clear out one or two layers - enough layers that the issue my client is having is resolved – but it may not be enough.

Uncovering one or two layers of stress and trauma helps, but for most of us, we have deeper and deeper layers to discover and release. The deeper we go, the more complete a healing can be, giving us a solid foundation to go through our days calmer and grounded, and with more joy and ease.

All that being said, I usually tell my clients two things:

  • You know your own body and you know when you are feeling unbalanced, so come back then.
  • If you are working on long-term, deep seated issues and are committed to clearing out as many layers as possible, every two to six weeks.

One of the many great and awesome things about Quantum-Touch is that we can work on our own long-term issues too. The ability to help ourselves and others is such a wondrous gift, and it’s my privilege and passion to spread the word about some of the benefits.

I offer free Healing Circles every month (the second Tuesday) and would love to meet you.


Alison Zeidler

Quantum-Touch Practitioner
L1 and L2 Instructor
Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada)

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