Transforming Disharmony into Love

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We believe that the body has the ability to create symptoms to mirror emotions that are not being expressed. Symptoms are the way our body communicates with us, not the body failing. These messages tell us something we need to see, understand or release.

In the Self Created Health Workshop, you will learn a seven-step process that helps you understand the emotional roots of your physical and emotional suffering, and guide you safely into releasing those emotions. You will experience a profound forgiveness that turns into a commitment to treat yourself well, with love and gratitude. In the final step of the process, your inner gratitude expands into universal love, where you can experience your infinitely loving nature. By healing your emotional health, you can live a more fulfilling and joyful life.

The process is simple yet powerful. And here is the amazing part: When people complete all seven steps of the process, not only do their symptoms go away, but they often feel grateful for having had the condition. 

The Initial Discovery

by Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch

"I woke up one morning in 1980 with severe flu symptoms: deep chest cough, fever, sore throat, aching bones and a splitting headache. My initial thought was that I’d be sick for at least a week, probably longer.

Then I recalled that a few weeks earlier, a teacher I had been working with suggested that all illness, in one form or another, was a result of various repressed emotions.

So, I got out of bed, sat with a piece of paper and decided to look for what I might be upset about. For the first ten minutes I looked everywhere to find an emotional issue but nothing seemed to resonate. Then I suddenly remembered that earlier in the week, I had felt very humiliated by someone’s comment. At the time, I shook it off, ignoring my emotions. But now as I remembered what happened, I let myself get angry. I cried and released with intensity for about 10 minutes.

Feeling somewhat better, I got dressed and drove downtown. I was sitting in the sun having a cup of coffee when suddenly it dawned on me that I had been sick that morning! All my flu symptoms were now completely gone! This inspired me to explore the relationship between physical symptoms and underlying emotions."

Development of the Self Created Health Process

"By 1983 I had developed a method for rapidly targeting the emotional causes of illness. Using a series of very precise questions, individuals could easily discover the emotional roots of their illness. But discovering the emotional causation was only the first step. More was needed for an entire system to be complete.

So, I explored other modalities to see what else was out there and found wonderful work from Lazaris, Abraham, Byron Katy and many others. Ho'o ponopono, NLP and EFT all contributed to my understanding. Each felt valuable and yet to me, none completely addressed the issue.

It took me another 25 years to complete the Self Created Health system. Now all the steps are in place! Join us and Transform Disharmony into Love!"

Join Us Today!

You can attend Self Created Health in-person or online in a live virtual format. Whether you attend virtually or in-person, you will still have the same instructor guidance and lots of in-depth energy practice. A Certified Instructor will be present during the entire workshop, answering your questions and providing tips and feedback to help you relax and deepen your skills.

Join Us Today and Discover the Extraordinary Healing Power Within!

“Our love goes deeper than we can know.

Our wounds keep us from experiencing the well-being that is our birthright. Once we heal our old wounds, it is so much easier to tap into the treasures and wonders of our being.”

Richard Gordon

Founder of Quantum-Touch

Please note: Before you can attend a Self-Created Health Workshop, you must successfully complete a live Level 1 Quantum-Touch workshop (in-person or virtual).The Original Workshop Online cannot be substituted for this pre-requisite.

What You Will Learn

You will learn a seven-step process to determine the emotional cause behind a physical issue, process the emotion and release it.
Here are the seven steps:


Understanding the emotional cause


Techniques let go of the suppressed emotions


Taking responsibility for your emotions



Use the ancient Hawaiian healing technique called Ho’o ponopono for reconciliation and forgiveness.

Self Love

Greater Self Love

Open to Greater Love

Release chronic physical issues

Oftentimes, chronic issues are the result of unprocessed emotions.

Learn a Powerful Forgiveness Process

Let go of resentment, hurt and anger using the Hawaiian practice of Ho'o ponopono

Self Love

Improve your self-esteem is and cultivate self-love in your life.

Inspiring Words from Students

“Self Created Health, gives us a complete system that covers everything: every step needed to use physical discomfort as a gateway to open up to our Infinite Being. I know the world is ready for unconditional Love and Oneness. This workshop is such a blessing for everybody who is ready.”

Vanessa Schansman The Netherlands / Boston MA

“I am blown away by the amount of information that I received in this workshop! The process of emotional work that we did here has already powerfully shifted my reality, and I can’t wait to experience what all lies ahead. This is powerful, transformative, intelligent work that shows us how much more we are than what we think of ourselves as being.”

K.T. Sanborn

“The Self Created Health seminar is a treasure trove of information and the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to help my clients in the healing and recovery process.”

Martin Trent Topanga, CA

“The Self Created Health class is one of magical creation. These are magical recipes, if you will, to help you create your life, to help you know and be able to visualize where you want to go, how you want to attain that goal and all the spices and ingredients necessary to attain a wonderful, happy, joyful and fulfilling life.”

Bob Ranph Pacific Palisades, CA

“Self-Created Health gave excellent insight into how our emotions and patterns created the script by which we live our lives. It has taught me simple and easy to understand techniques to identify my own causation and stories, and how to apply these tools to quickly reverse their effect and replace my behaviors with ones that will create a script I want to live. Very useful, very efficient and completely practical.
Thank you!”

Ivana Siska Hollywood, CA

“Self Created Health workshop offered fresh insights that allowed for monumental shifts in understanding how we perceive ourselves and others within the realities we create. With this shift came a breakthrough in dissolving past patterns and old behaviors in order to create extraordinary and prolific new beginnings. A true resource and ultimate blessing to rejuvenate the soul. This course is for those ready to awaken into further growth.”

Cary Herrmman Los Angeles, CA

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